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Spell Casting

This is also a good way to teach preliminary spell casting and introduce the Threefold Law.

[insert wish here]

Come to me
Now I set, my wishes free
If it harm none, so mote it be
If it harm none, so mote it be
If it harm none, so mote it be

This is a wonderful opportunity to start learning drumming and other instruments. My rule in the classroom is that anyone can drum on my big drum, as long as they chant at the same time. It makes the kids: 1) think; 2) keep a rhythm, and 3) keep from driving me crazy. What may start out as a couple of kids banging on the drum can into an entire room of kids making rhythms, sounds and dancing. The spontaneous events are always the best.

Chanting is as old as life.

Listening to other beings vocalize is listening to songs and chants. Any repetitive sound, the calls of whales, birds, coyotes, is a chant. A baby's babbling is a form of chanting, with certain sounds making food, comfort, and entertainment appear.

Nursery rhymes are chanted spells:

Rain, rain go away
Come again some other day.

There is energy in rock 'n roll repetition:

Love, love me do,
you know I love you,
so, pleeease,
love me do...
Copyright 1963 Northern Songs

From a baby's vocalizations to Shakespeare; from nursery rhymes to the Beatles, chanting never loses its power or its beauty.

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