Raising Little Heathens

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Greco/Roman pantheons.

For any of the Greek or Roman Deites, all you need is a toga and a head band of leaves painted with metallic paint. To make the leaves soft and pliable before painting them, just soak them in glycerin overnight. Pat dry and paint. Glue to a head band.

If you have anyone in your life who belonged to a fraternity or sorority, they know how to make a toga; it might be a bit fuzzy but with encouragement, they will remember. If you donít have this resource, just take any white sheet or piece of light cloth, wrap it around the little God or Goddess wannabee, and throw it over one shoulder

Girls are going to want to be Artemis or Aphrodite. To make a bow, just cut a long, flexible green branch, bend it into an arc and tie a string to each end. For Aphrodite, give them bubble soap and wands.
Boys love Hermes. You can make a helmet out of a colander. Just attach wings made out of aluminum foil over cardboard. You can glue these to the sides of an old pair of shoes for the winged sandals. Poseidon gets a trident. Thatís one of those plastic pitchforks they sell at Samhain painted with silver or gold acrylic paint.

Put your little Kore in a tutu or slip with flowers leaves glued all over it. (Of course, that makes you Demeter. Keep her away from bulls and pomegranates.) Give a young satyr some Pan Pipes and glue those little plastic horns on his forehead. If youíre really ambitious, you can make him some knickers out of fake fur. Use a pattern for clown bloomers and leave them at knee length. Mother Nature will provide the rest of his costume as soon as he reaches puberty.

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